Read about MacroFuel in the media

In Ithaca, a city that caters to locavores with all its diverse restaurants, the idea of replacing colorful plates with liquid shakes might seem unappealing, but a new meal replacement concocted by a team of mostly Cornell University students might be a healthy solution for hectic lifestyles. --Kelsey O'Connor, Ithaca Journal

After getting a chance to check it out for myself, I was seriously impressed. The taste was a hell of a lot better than most other meal replacement products I’ve tried, and the nutrition profile was on point. These bros saw a need in the market of meal replacements, and they developed MacroFuel to fill that need. Exactly what entrepreneurs are put on this Earth to do. --Tanner Baze, BroBible

Eating healthy with a busy lifestyle can be tough for many. But a start up at Cornell University called MacroFuel has created a healthy drinkable food to market to busy college kids, professionals, and anyone who just wants to eat healthy. --Philip O'Driscoll, Time Warner Cable News, Central NY

The idea germinated last fall as he worked as deputy finance director for the Aaron Woolf for Congress campaign. The long hours traversing the huge congressional district were making it hard for the fitness-conscious Rietsema to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet. He tried various nutritious meal alternatives but was unhappy with some of the ingredients and the taste that many offered. --Dan Heath, Press Republican

The meal alternative is ‘designed for active young professionals looking to maintain their healthy lifestyles without the constraints of a standard healthy diet’...the product is a mix of wholesome ingredients in a finely powdered form that can be easily blended with water to provide a full meal in 30-seconds or less. -- Justin Heinze, Patch